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First Year Information

Welcome engineering first years! This is THE place to find academic resources to ease yourself into your studies and start your university career off with a bang! Please check out our academic resources below!


Don’t know which engineering specialisation to pick? Tossing up between your favourites? The time to decide is coming up fast! That is why MESS, along with the academic clubs are running a fantastic stream selection seminar to help YOU make the right choice.

We will be inviting fourth to final year students from each stream to share what their stream is about, why they absolutely love what they are studying, and also the tips and tricks on how to perform, whether it be 'P's get degrees' or HD's! 

Speakers will be actual students, from MESS and the academic clubs – and we will also be having student teams come in to share their projects.

Discussion will include unit progression, scary units to look out for, assignment weightings, types of assessments, and industry prospects.

This is the perfect way to get an honest student view of what the next few years will be like for you. 


Click the image to download the stream Selection Seminar Slides

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