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It's big, It’s back, It’s better than ever, It’s MESS BALL! 
To mark the occasion of MESS’ 60th birthday we will be throwing back to the decade it all began: The Swinging ‘60s. 
Can you hear it? The 𝙜𝙧𝙤𝙤𝙫𝙮 beat of the era, beckoning you to join us at San Remo Ballroom on Thursday, August 17th for a night that will transport you to an unforgettable era of cultural revolution.  With a three course meal and the venue assuring us that they would-stock plenty of drinks, this is your night to counter the culture. . Each table seats 10 people and we will have a seating map to let you sit next to all your friends!!

To handle such a colossal decade we will be separating the venue into 4 zones, each with its own theme

WHEN  Thursday August 17th, 7pm-late (Week 4) 
WHERE  San Remo Ballroom (365 Nicholson St, Carlton North) 
THEME  The swinging ‘60s

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Seating Map



Lift-Off with us

In the Moon Landing Zone

 The seminal event of the era, don your spacesuits and enter the zone that is out of this world

*outfit Inspo to come*


The Mod-Era Zone

Mod-ify your style to channel retro coolness in bold patterns and put fashion at center stage

*outfit Inspo to come*


Counter The Culture

The Hippie Zone

Dress groovy and embrace the flower power of peace, love and tie-dye vibes!

*outfit Inspo to come*

Ball,MESS ball

The Bond Zone

Go undercover or dress to kill for a spy-tacular time

*outfit Inspo to come*

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