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Wellbeing & Equity

The WE portfolio, initiated in 2021, endeavours to support students of engineering at Monash University, particularly in the areas of mental wellbeing and social equity. We strive to support the most disadvantaged student groups, including both onshore and offshore international students, disability-affected students, female students, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, and more. Furthermore, we seek to provide mental health and academic wellbeing support to the entire engineering student body.

Currently, we are working towards a very exciting 2023 program including (but not limited to) a seminar series focussing on different issues faced by students and professionals in the engineering field and how to pair a passion for these social justice issues with a career in engineering, expanding the mental health support provided to students struggling with the academic workload of engineering, and fostering an online community of international students in engineering.

Should you have any questions, please contact our Wellbeing & Equity Director, Sally Bertoncello:


Mental Wellbeing

Counselling Services - Options at Monash University


Counselling Services - External


MSA Welfare


Training Modules - Respectful Communities


Monash Student Advocacy and Support (SAS)


Disability - Affected Students

Disability Support Services Monash


MSA Disabilities and Carers


Stepping Into Program


International Student Support Services

English Connect


Student Academic Success Program (SAS) - Report writing skills


Other Clubs at Monash Doing Awesome Things in This Sphere

Female Engineers at Monash (FEM)


GLEAM - For Queer+ STEM Students

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