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Annual Events (Best of MESS)


Ask anyone in a senior year what the best time of their uni life was; odds are, it was camp. The perfect way to kick start you first year at uni, MESS camp is an incredible time to begin uni with a bang. Lifelong friends and lasting memories are made here at this weekend getaway of epic proportions. An event that you cannot miss, even if you never go to another event again.


What’s better to solve your midweek blues than to come on down and secure some free food and drink? With sizzling snags and scrumptious shnitties, washed down with a cool serve of soft drink, our wonderful barbecuties can be seen running a killer BBQ on a pretty regular basis. Make sure to come on down and catch your mates over the universally bonding moment of food, as well as acquiring a ticket to the event that we’re often launching with our BBQs. Keep your eyes peeled on the MESS Facebook page to catch where they’re happening!

O-Week Club Night

What better way to start of the year with a raging party? In collaboration with MSS and SAS, we’ve run some thrilling throw downs over the years, and whether you felt the true festival experience at O-Chella in 2021, or the sandy summer vibes at Beach Party in years gone by, you can attest to the powerful sesh that’s awaiting you before uni starts. With drunken drink deals and tasty tunes, start the year off right with the biggest night of O-week.













Cocktail Night

There’s those that think that Cocktail Night is the best event of the uni calendar, and those that are wrong. Winning best event for 3 years running, there’s no night superseded by the awe of free-flowing cocktails all night at Crown’s Therapy Bar, where we permit only the classiest of vibes. Get suited and booted for an incredible night that still has students coming back in their 4th, 5th and 6th years to experience what cannot justly be described in words.

















Here at MESS love balls, and no one does it better than us. Score an incredible meal and drinks to your hearts content at the spectacular San Remo ballroom, all the while burning off those calories before you even get home by showing off your most dazzling dance moves. Whether you choose to come in your finest ballroom attire, or disco flares and the grooviest shirt, our ever-changing theme is sure to mean only the most whimsical of evenings for our incredible MESS community.

Booze cruise

You'd think it’s a-boat time MESS had it's own cruise … well the inaugural Cruiser Cruise took off this year with lush colours and zesty fits as we cruised down the Yarra into the incredible views of the city night skyline. So seas the serenity of the night with your favourite drinks (cruisers), music and people and have a boogie with your favourite MESSy crew on one of Melbourne's largest cruise vessels!!

















Trivia Night

While trivia night may sound unassuming, don’t get it twisted: everyone who’s been to MESS Trivia can assure you it really is like no other. Prizes up for grabs, raffles for charity, and overall incredible scenes at our local Sir John’s Bar makes for a hectic night of fun.

Bingo Night

You might think that Bingo is for old people and retirement homes. That it’s very relaxed, the stakes are low, and this is a chill night out. You’d be wrong. Sometimes we need a little nuclear event, and MESS Bingo is something that truly has to be seen to be believed.