Committee Positions

The President is responsible for the overall running of MESS. They set the direction for the society's development and growth and oversee the running of the Executive and, by extension the Portfolios. They are also the primary representative of the society to external stakeholders including MSA Clubs and Societies, the Faculty, other University bodies and sometimes external bodies. Ultimately, the President needs to have a vision and a plan for how MESS can be the best club that it can be.

Vice President

The Vice President is also responsible for the smooth operation of MESS as a whole. They works closely with the President to ensure the development and growth of MESS, and assist with anything that is outside any of the other portfolios. They also the secondary representative of the society to external stakeholders and required an in-depth knowledge MESS and its operations. The Vice President also oversees the General Portfolio and any sub-committees that are formed within MESS.


The Secretary is responsible for ensuring MESS is an organised society, through a wide variety of tasks such as arranging executive and council meetings. They lead and work with an Administration Portfolio of IT, Marketing and Publication officers, to ensure our members are up to date with the fantastic opportunities on offer. The Secretary also ensures MESS is compliant with its own Rules of Association, and the Clubs & Societies (C&S) body


The Treasurer ensures the financial viability and compliance of the club to help ensure MESS can function as the great club it is. This includes budgeting, approving expenditure, managing income and grants, and completing two audits annually. Additionally, they have a valuable role in the executive decision making of the club and liaise with Clubs and Societies, our overseeing body.

Academic Director

The Academic Director is in charge of the MESS Academic Portfolio, including the Academic Affairs Officer, Education Officer and 2x Mentorship Coordinators. This involves overseeing the progress of the members of the Academic Portfolio, acting as a member of the executive committee, acting as the student representative of the Engineering Education Committee and seeking to expand the potential of this newly formed branch of MESS.

Social Director

The social director oversees the social portfolio, organises club merchandise as well as organising two minor events throughout the year. The social portfolio includes the major events coordinators, the camps coordinators and the BBQ & activities coordinators. The minor events would typically be a trivia night and a bingo night, one in each semester. There's a lot of room for new ideas in this position, and especially going into 2021 they will have to be adaptable and innovative.

Industry Director

The Industry Director is the leader of the MESS Industry Portfolio, this role involves the oversight of the Careers Guide Coordinator and the Industry Officers. The responsiblities of this role includes but is not limited to: providing MESS members with high quality events to engage with industry representatives, leading and organising MESS' annual sponsorship drive and ensuring healthy relationships with our industry partners.

Careers Guide Coordinator

The Careers Guide Coordinator is entirely responsible for the end-to-end production of the annual MESS Careers Guide, a 100+ page publication which contains information such as company advertisements, opportunities available at Monash, advice on jobs and resumes, and other useful content for engineering students. They will work extensively with the designer, and with multiple internal and external contacts (within Monash and the MESS Sponsorship Team, across different companies/industry partners, with printers/publishers, etc.). They will also organise the annual Careers Guide Launch event, a networking event in March with the industry partner firms featured in the Guide. This role involves copious amounts of management and organisation, and commitment over the summer. It is in majority completed between the time you are elected into MESS and the launch event in March the next year, however they still remain an active member of the Industry Portfolio and Sponsorship Team throughout the year.

Industry Officers

As an industry officer you handle sponsor contacts and organise MESS Industry events; Beers with Engineers and Industry Night. Additionally, it is expected you attend MESS council and portfolio meetings and support MESS and its other portfolios.

Fame Coordinators*

The two FaME mentorship coordinators oversee the mentorship program for first year engineering students. In 2020 FaME had 1200 first year students and over 150 mentors. As FaME mentorship coordinator your role is to oversee the program, manage senior mentors. This position is elected through an interview process after the AGM.

*These are an interview based role, applications will open later in 2020

Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs Officer supports Engineering students inside the classroom, by running the mid-semester feedback survey across the Faculty and helping students resolve academic complaints and grievances. A big part of the role is liaising with Faculty and Department staff to implement initiatives and represent students where needed.

Education Officer

The main aim of Education Officer is to increase the availability of academic resources to all engineering students, especially for those who are new to university or in need. The Education Officer also organises the first year specialisation selection seminar, study sessions and other academic events.

Major Events Officer

The Major Events Coordinators are responsible for organising and running the three largest social events of the year: The O-week party, the infamous Cocktail Night and MESS Ball. This involves correspondence with venues and deciding everything from theme to DJs to decorations, as well as promoting your events and making sure everything meets Monash policy and OHS requirements

Camps Coordinator

The Camps Coordinators role is to organise and run the MESS Orientation Camp, for first year engineering students. This includes keeping in contact with the venue, booking buses and other equipment needed, planning lots of fun activities to do, and ordering food for everybody. It also involves finding volunteers, and ensuring that the Camp meets safety and OHS requirements, as well as falling in line with University policy

BBQs and Activities

The BBQs and Activities Coordinators are responsible for the running of BBQ's and other MESS social events that occur on campus during a normal university day. These include activities such as welcome back BBQ's at the start of each semester and ticket launches for major events run by MESS throughout the year. It involves organising supplies for the BBQ, providing the food and drink for patrons and ensuring that the BBQ's comply with Monash policy and food safety requirements.

Marketing Officer

As the marketing officer of MESS, you will be responsible for all of MESS' social media accounts, creating events, posts and answering any enquiries made to our socials. You will also correspond with industry partners and committee members to organise promotional posts and a detailed schedule for our social media posts.

Assistant Treasurer

The Assistant Treasurer's main jobs are to assist in the operations of the Treasurer, as well as manage the grants given to MESS throughout the year. Grants can be given in order to allow the society to function much better as a whole, reducing expenditure and making greater events.

IT Officer

The I.T Officer is responsible for most things technology at MESS on a larger scale. This includes emails to member, managing the website and dealing with the general technology MESS uses day-to-day. Technical experience is not required but there is opportunity to apply and extend your software engineering abilities. The role gives a cool insight into how a company can take advantage of technology and there is freedom in what can be done.

Publications Manager

The publications manager designs and produces any visual graphics required for Facebook events, social media posts, posters and newsletters.

General Representative

The general representatives work to support and offer help to all the different portfolios of MESS. This can include, working within the sponsorship team and organising industry, academic and social events.

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