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MESS Social

MESS is arguably most well well-known across campus for our social events. We work hard behind the scenes to hold events that promote inclusion and fun for all students involved. We are five-time winners of the Monash Clubs and Societies Most Popular Club Event (461+) for our Semester 1 Cocktail Night, annually held at Crown Nightclubs. It’s the biggest event of the year!


There is always something on for students to take time off our busy uni schedules and take our minds of study for a night. The best way to make friends at uni is through events such as camp, cocktail night, ball, pub crawls, trivia, and the like. Engineering is a difficult course after all, so what would we do without friends to collaborate and study with! You can check out our busy event calendar here.


From the social director, my top two event recommendations that are not to miss are camp and cocktail night. Both held in first semester, it is the best way to get out of your comfort zone, meet new friends and have a boogie with your engineering buds.

Should you have any questions, or like to partner with us socially, please contact our Social Director, Henry Blood:

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