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Education Guide

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The jump between high school and university can feel big, especially in engineering. You might feel completely out of your depth, learning topics and concepts you have never heard about before. You might not know which engineering specialisation you want to pick. You might not know what kind of job you want to do and how to get it...


And that’s completely fine! None of us knew at the start. All of us were in that same boat. That’s why the Monash Engineering Students’ Society (MESS) is here to help.


This guide has been created to help ease you into the course, as we understand that engineering can be overwhelming and daunting initially. This guide contains many great resources including details on the ins and outs of engineering, advice from older students to help you ace your units, and information on where to find help during your time at Monash. So check out how you can make the most out of your time at uni!

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