Monash Engineering Student Society

About MESS

About MESS

whAt is mess?

The Monash Engineering Student' Society, better known as 'MESS', is a student run, not-for-profit organisation that seeks to enrich the education experience of students at Monash University through engaging and fun, social and academic opportunities.

We focus our energy on engineering whilst aiming to serve the best interests of all students, the university and the wider community. To do this, throughout the year MESS runs a variety of academic and social events.

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Why was mess founded?

There was a need for students to be told what University life was like from students who had experienced it. As a result MESS was founded as a platform run by students, for students.  The committee is made up of passionate volunteers that have the students best interests at heart. Each year, new students are elected to continuously improve how the society interacts and provides for our members.  


How is mess run?

MESS is split into a social and an academic portfolio, each cater to our members needs in the respective areas.  The social side provides a welcoming, safe environment for our members to have a well deserved break from their studies and develop relationships with peers in their year level or stream of engineering that will be part of their professional network upon graduating. The academic side provides a series of events and workshops to prepare students in advance for the corporate world. This service is crucial in the professional development of our members and is why active members of our society are well sort out for by industry. 


How to become an industry sponsor

Over 30 firms currently sponsor MESS. This number increases each year and for good reason. Between our three annual industry events, Careers Guide, workshops, seminars and student career emails, we provide a direct line of contact and communication to our highly sort after members and graduates. 

If you have any questions or would like to work with us in any way, shape or form, feel free to check out our Sponsorship Packages or contact us here.

OUR Clubs and Societies CONSTITUTION

Read the Monash C&S MESS Constitution